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Why I Work in Fabric

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

As a new member of Flux Gallery, and its only mixed-media textile artist, I thought I would blog a bit about how and why I work in fabric. I came to the art world as a quilter, and my art has roots in the quilting tradition. My work is usually layered and stitched together. That meets the technical definition of quilting, but we are talking form, not function, here. Most people would not want to sleep under my work!

First, I start with a specific design in mind. Then, I go to the fabric, altering its surface to complement the design. I might dye and/or bleach the silk, cotton or rayon. Next comes layers of paint, foil, decorative stitching, transfer images and/or embellishments. I am always referring back to the original design. Many artists would frame the piece and stop there.

But I find that layering and stitching the fabric adds texture and dimension to the work that I can’t get any other way. A picture is worth a thousand words, so to see what I mean, click here to see a one-and-a-half minute video about this effect on a piece I call “Sahuaro Blooms.”

I hope you will stop by the gallery to see the work of all the artists “up close and personal.” See you soon!